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Oh Christmas Tree!

You know, I thought monkeys had it easy living in trees. Until I lived in a tree this week. It sucks. I got all cut up and stuff. But look what I did while I was up there:

Yeah, boy! That’s 3,500 lights! I did not turn into a monkey though. (When I was in my youth, I really thought that if I spent enough time in our pool I would grow fins and become a mermaid. It wasn’t so much the product of an active imagination as it was that people didn’t listen to me when I spoke, so no one corrected my misguided views).

My pictures also suck. It’s because they were taken by my phone. Because the children broke the camera. AGAIN. So now I want a really nice one. Doesn’t make much sense with how the last ones met their demise, but whatever. You’d follow my damn blog if it had nice pictures, huh?

3 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. I can't believe Pam said Bitchin'. hahahahaha! I love your tree. You rock! If you see a car lurking outside your house, it will be me. Just staring at your tree.

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