ahahahah I WON I WON I WON!!!

You’ve GOT to understand. Until this last past week I’ve never won ANY sort of contest or prize. It was always that craphead girl from school. She got all the prizes. All of the scholarships I tried for. I hate her still.

My ‘luck’ has been quite the opposite. Ask Lance. He thought I was kidding about it until our honeymoon. I showed him. The flight was canceled. They put us on a later one-into an airport an hour away from our intended destination. We had to take a bus. We got to the original airport and found out that all of the car rental places were closed. So we took a cab. That got lost. Ran out of gas. That was the FIRST night of our honeymoon. It’s been hilarious since then. Really. Worst. Luck. Ever.

This luck thing doesn’t count in the children or husband area. I won the lottery in those areas.

But then last week I won a cute little bib set and thought…maybe…just maybe… my luck has turned around. So I entered a contest. To win a Silhouette.

I have to tell you about Sillhoettes. I can’t spell their name right with out spellcheck. Ever. I’ve wanted one for YEARS. They are the sweetest machine EVER. Go see: http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/ It’s a cutter- much like the vinyl cutter, but it cuts paper. It’s smaller. It’s so awesome. I know it seems excessive to have two types of cutters, but I really really wanted this one. My vinyl cutter does not cut paper. They said it did. It doesn’t. I almost bought a cricut at the Black Friday sales, but then you have to buy all of their crappy cartridges at like eighty bucks a pop. That’s RIDICULOUS! Sorry for all of you crickets. But really? I have five million fonts. I have images. I’m totally ready to cut paper for all of the crap I make. I make a lot of crap! You know this! Anyways… as you’ve probably guessed from the title…

I freaking won a Silhouette! 3,300 people entered and I WON! ME! Not you. ME!

I won it off one of my favorite sites: http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/. Visit her. Visit her sponsers because you love me and love anyone who loves me. Put her on your blog roll. Make a shrine to her. I’m going to.
Best. Day. EVER!

9 thoughts on “ahahahah I WON I WON I WON!!!

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