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You want to know about me?

So every once in a while Casey will get right up into my face- like eyeball to eyeball and say, “I know about you, Mom”. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. He knows about me. You want to know about me? I’ll tell you some stuff.

* I was thinking about this last night at a church thing when people were introducing themselves. I wondered what short interesting thing I could say about myself and EVERYTHING sounded as boring or dumb as the Jeopardy contestants stories. Have you heard them? Terrible. If I grade that person’s life as being awesome or not awesome by their BEST Jeopardy story, then people have a lot sadder lives than I think. *

  • Bullets!
  • Right now, I have five thousand things I need to do. Like vinyl. Like make blocks for someone. Like cleaning because my brother is coming TOMORROW, but I’m here because sitting at the computer is a coping mechanism. A poor coping mechanism.
  • I like robots, but still have a healthy fear of them. It’s not the same with raccoons.
  • Did you hear that there’s a robot that can give you a sponge bath? Sign me up!
  • I spend A LOT of time thinking about stuff I can do in a monkey suit (ideas are greatly appreciated)
  • I start new projects all of the time. Like this week, because I have too much to do, I decided to take up making clay monsters. They’re so awesome YOU could die. I plan to put them in my boys’ closets. And on necklaces. and in my pockets.
  • I hope to combine my love of crafting with my love of not being home into a job at Michael’s. I applied to be a teacher. Muwahahahaha.
  • I’m really afraid of cylindrical items that slowly curve to a point. Seriously. Thinking about them makes me crazy anxious. I’ll draw you a picture (it’s immersion (but not like the baptism kind) therapy). Okay so I drew the picture. It’s terrifying. Why would anyone make such a device? To scare me.
  • My life is mundane and quite boring. I have no new news or funny childisms. Peyton has never told me he loves me. NEVER. When I tell him that I love him, he just says “no”. or something pithy. The Price is strong with that one.

4 thoughts on “You want to know about me?

  1. You are afraid of cylindrical, pointy things because you are a vampire. If it stabs you in the heart then you will die. Life mystery solved by me. These bullets are much more interesting than any I could come up with about myself. Well done.

  2. When I used to seriously think about going on Jeopardy, I was planning to tell about how I took the hovercraft/train from France to London on the day the London Stock Exchange was bombed. A bomb threat was called in to the underground, and we had to evacuate three stops before I was supposed to get off to go to my hotel. I had all my vacation luggage with me, and the escalators were turned off per emergency instructions. I was so impressed with the calmness and helpfulness of the London crowd. People rallied around me and helped me get all my luggage upstairs, and no one was panicking about the bomb threat.Grocery shopping, doctor's appointment, parent/teacher conference: go for the monkey suit.Temple (and/or temple recommend interview), bar mitzvah, airport security checkpoint: best to leave it home.

  3. Thank you for using bullets, I didn't have to take my ritalin once. I stayed focus. Kudos. Also remember two facts: 1. Protein helps grow a mustache and B. Fat builds character. 🙂

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