Roll Call!

Okay, so I’m a total freaking narcissist. I want to know who gets on here. Please feed my ego and post a comment. Do I know you? Where are you from? How you doin’?

ALSO- you can post your blog in my linky list for all to see…

17 thoughts on “Roll Call!

  1. You are funny and I just started reading your blog when I found it linked up with the Ds Community online group thing. My blog is ailtsfamily.blogspot.com, not anything as cool as snoop bloggy blog! My LO with Ds is Calvin, help much?

  2. Darn. I'm not a stalker anymore.I heard of you from several of your friends (My daughter did preschool and soccer with that group from your ward). I love your writing style and sense of humor. I love the insights you share about your children and their spirits. And I wrote and then never sent an email asking about vinyl prices. Oh, and I snuck a peak at your beautiful butterfly at the trunk or treat. Are you officially freaked out?Nice to meet you. 🙂

  3. I visit. Not as much as Angie, who is a poacher for baby pictures. Not that she steals them, she just looks at them and talks about them and dreams about them (babies, probably not the pictures).I do not have a blog that anyone knows about.

  4. Hi, I know this is super late, but yeah so I guess I'm reading your blog super late. I always was a little bit of a tardyhead. I just clicked through from a mutual friend's blog (Nerd Files). It appears we have other mutual friends (I go to Manchester, but have a lotta love for the other units). I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "you know Lexi, right?" I always hang my head and shake it slowly in shame with downcast eyes.You're brilliant, you're real, and I'm proud of you. As much as I can tell from your blog and from your friends, N-E-wayz. 😉 (there's an emoticon for ya!)I guess my husband knows your husband, too. Whether your husband knows my husband back is another story where I don't know the ending. Ha ha!I'm reading your blog backwards, and maybe I'll someday get some sleep but it doesn't look like it will be tonight. You're a great writer, by the way!

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