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Random Life Snapshots

I wish I had an awesome camera and awesome camera skillz. But I don’t. Most of the pictures I have were taken by one of my bratty little kids who decided to steal the camera and document the squalor in which they live. So I thought I’d make you all feel better about your lives and post some pictures that they took. What’s amazing to me is how much they really do portray our real life. The pictures I take…not so much. I take pictures when the house and the children are clean. I take pictures when the kids are being cute or nice or not evil in some fashion.

This is Casey. His fingers are orange because he’s eating cheetos for dinner. Again.

And Peyton. This is a self portrait. He does many like this. He’s vain. He’s also eating the cheetos.
These two are best friends. I’m not sure who took this one. Peyton is in his super suit. Casey is dressed up in all green- like Luigi.
This is Peyton on the couch watching “Team Oomie Zoomie” for the second or fifteenth time that day.
And here’s one of me. I’m actually NOT at the computer in this one- you can tell by the forest in the background through the window. I’m washing dishes. You can’t tell it by the look of my house, but I clean A LOT. I hate it with all of my heart. I look tired. I’m always tired. But happy. I’m not always happy.

Then there’s this one. I took this one. This picture is so many things to me. It’s when reality really started sinking in. I bought Abby a Bumbo chair in hopes that it would help her sit. She’s really bored of laying. She wants to be able to sit up and play with things. So I stuck her in it thinking it would be some miracle tool- and realized she still didn’t have the neck muscles to even hold her head up. She’s five months old. It’s amazing how a picture that isn’t of me looking fat can send me into a funk at warp speed. Up until now she’s just been a baby. Doing the things that babies do. She’s done them all a little bit later- but she’s done them. Until now. I’ve started noticing how far behind she is. How hard we’re going to have to work- like we did Casey. The weight I’ve been feeling got a lot heavier- and it never goes away. I was never a huge worrier, which is weird, because I come from a long line of worriers and crazies. I worry a lot now.

Lance sat down and crunched the numbers in hope that we could get our mortgage rate changed. There’s an area in the application that talks about financial hardships. I was so surprised how much things are costing/going to cost us. When all is said and done, we’ll be spending about $1,100 every single month on health care costs. A MONTH! I thought when we saw that Regence was raising their “specialist”fee $10 it wasn’t that big of a deal. But now as we’re looking at getting Casey therapy once a week, and Abby twice, just that extra ten bucks adds up to $120 extra a month. Lance makes good money and we’ve never gone without, but this figure is another thing that’s just hard to wrap my mind around. What it comes down to is little less soda, a lot more spaghetti. We’ll be fine, we always are.

So that’s why there’s crazy amounts of tension in between my shoulders. Reality lives there. It wieghs one me. But I’m so freaking blessed. I have a husband that does a great job taking whatever burdens he can. I have a fantastic family. I wrote about Abby not holding her head up in the big Price Family Newsletter and I swear the very next day it was getting better than it had ever been. I know they pray for us, and I can see the difference it makes. Please keep praying for us. For Casey, for Abby. They have to struggle a lot more than most, so they need more prayers and extra love.

So now you’ve been given a real glance into my life. Not as ritzy as we appear, huh? ahahahaha.

7 thoughts on “Random Life Snapshots

  1. I was going to say…the 9 Essentials Day spa by Costco does an hour long massage for $39 your first time there (plus a tip). Not bad!I'm sorry you are stressed. I love your kids! Our life isn't glamorous either (I just sang the Fergie G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS song in my head to make sure I spelled that correctly)! Health care costs definitely add up. It makes me sick some days – weeks – months – but especially at the end of the year when we add it all up! You should do the flexible spending account if you don't already. We should talk if you haven't heard of this…but I'm sure you have!Hang in there. We should do lunch some time…soon! or just go get milk shakes!

  2. A. I want a milkshake now. Thanks a lot, Misty.B. We pray for your family a lot. Patrick asked me some serious questions about Abby once after he had been over at your house, which I thought was interesting since she was just a newborn and he shouldn't have noticed anything other than a baby in the corner just like at our house. I did probably a crappy job of explaining things to him but when I was done he just said, oh, so she's just a special-regular girl. Yep. She's a special-regular girl. And now he reminds us to pray for "Peyton's baby" and "for her mom and dad that they will know how to take good care of her."

  3. Hey AmyJane! I just ran across your blog from the Snapshots of Life linky thing and read Abby's story. I just wanted to say that my brother (25 yrs old) was born with Downs too. Things do move much slower…which is both a blessing and a curse…but I wouldn't want him any other way! He made our family and especially me BETTER! I'm sure Abby will do the same for you! As you know, it's not always easy….but it's worth it. Good luck to you and your family!

  4. i've just fallen in love with abby. 🙂 i just read her "remarkable" birth story and even cried a few tears at your beautiful words. (hope that doesn't sound too korny, cause it's true) thanks for sharing!jen

  5. i can feel the tension in between your shoulders. i worry about you a lot. know i'm always thinking of you and that i could never carry the burdens you do. i'm proud of you. and i love you.i also had a dream last night that i came out to surprise you for abby's blessing, and you ignored me for your friends the whole time and made me shower outside.

  6. Katie – if you ever come visit us, you have to shower outside. Just an fyi. My last two kids had a bumbo chair and both of them were delayed. I think that bumbo chair is BAD for them instead of good. I think it supports them soo much that they never learn to strengthen their core the way they would if they were in a regular high chair. But, that's just my opinion.Sorry things are hard. I worry about you so much as well. AZ has great early intervention for FREE…….

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