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The Coast

I love love love the Washington Coast. All growing up my two favorite places were first, my Grandparents’ beach house in Orange County, and second, my grandmother’s little cabin in the woods. The Washington coast combines the two. The woods goes right up to the beach- which goes out forever.

We went there this last weekend and had a BLAST. I needed to get away. So did the kids.

2 thoughts on “The Coast

  1. Wow Lexi! I love your blog! I think I got here by way of Snoop Bloggity Blog…but I'm not sure. From reading the whole first page, I think we have a lot in common. I'm not LDS…don't actually feel worthy. I am saved. Both of my Olders have autism, but it's the Middle who is a handfull! And our surprise baby at 44 has Ds. I also "knew" almost from the moment that I knew I was pregnant that he would have T-21. I don't think you were joking about having ADD…me too! Anyway, love your blog. I'll read more later. I have gotten the Middle off to school. The Older is on the couch with a stomach bug and the Bitsy is just now cooing to me over the monitor! Happy mothering! I can't wait to read more! I like your writing style!

  2. Did I mention that my brain cells are dead? Well…you probably figured that out! I found your blog through the baby center forum…duh…from your own post. And by the time I'd gotten to where you hadn't delivered Abby yet, I realized that you are Snoop Bloggy Blog. Forgive me please. I to am an over worked, over tired, under nourashed (Don't look at my butt for proof) Mom of multiple high needs kids! Laugh at me if you must, but like Misty, I too hear trees that fall in the woods!

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