Down syndrome

South Puget Sound Buddy Walk 2010

The walk of happiness.

I remember laughing at the Autism Speaks Walk about how all the parents looked SO TIRED. And trying to put a bunch of autistic kids in one bouncy house? I’m sure that’s been rethought in the last five years. I hope. I loved that walk. It was my first introduction to bunches of other families who knew what we were going through. But having a child with autism, kind of makes the whole family autistic- even at events with the disorder in the title. So we didn’t really get to talk to anyone or ‘network’.

This was very different. It wasn’t so much for fund raising as it just was to meet people, to have a party, and to see the most amazing people speak about how great their lives are, even if they are challenging. I wasn’t there two minutes before someone came up and asked for my number. She had a little boy who was two months old and she ‘could not wait’ to get our kids together to play. I moved a few more feet in and was pounced on my several other mothers. It was so so amazing.

Kids with Down syndrome really are special. The feeling when you are in a group with them is AMAZING, to say the least.
There was a TON of people there. We chose this one instead of the Seattle walk because it’s supposed to be the smaller of the two.
Carter insisted on pushing the stroller the entire way. He was a very proud big brother.

But this was my favorite part. After the walk I was talking to some parents when this little girl came up to Abby. Her name is Destiny and she LOVED Abby. She kissed her hands and her face and held her. Then Destiny’s friend came over and did the same thing. It was one of the most tender moments I’ve ever EVER had.

Happiness is having a baby that is as special as Abby. Not only to have her, but because of her, we get to meet the neatest people ever.

8 thoughts on “South Puget Sound Buddy Walk 2010

  1. okay I am committed to blogging but because it has been so long no one checks in on me anymore. This is my LAME attempt to attract readership.

  2. Good days and bad days all through our lives. Aren't you glad you have a few of these days to lift you up! You and your family are my everyday heroes.

  3. So cute, Lexi! Made me teary. I'm slightly emotional today.When Kiff and I were in Seattle last weekend I was at H&M looking around at clothes that don't fit me yet. I was at a particular display table when I heard a very energetic girl say, "Oh my gosh, this is SOOOO cute!" I hesitated but looked up and realized she was talking to me! She was a down syndrome girl and so excited to show me how cute a shirt was she found on the table. I laughed and told her it was totally her color too. She said "thanks," turned around and walked away. I smiled as I heard her continue to talk to other strangers in the store. Why can't we all be more friendly like that? Totally made my day.

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