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I’m on heavy painkillers. You should know this from the start. Had my tubes tied and my uterus set aflame. Awesome. I’m doing good, thanks for asking. Hopefully I won’t need said painkillers coming in the next day or two. They make me feel fuzzy. And not the warm and fuzzy kind. He didn’t give me those kind. He gave me the angry and fuzzy kind. I’m not pleasant.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about woooorrrrdddddsssssssss. Here are a few that keep popping in my head the last couple of days:

the kids found that gosh aweful “fred” movie on Disney. I want to go postal. I could. Really. He’s the worst and they think he’s the best. It’s terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad. But, it is entertaining to plot his death.

Add to that that Carter is starting to play the violin this week.

I’m thinking about starting up the prozac again.


Have you met Abby? If you have, you know deeply what this word means. I am completely enamored with this little baby. This morning I had her in bed next to me- we slept in together. I was watching her sleep, not in a creepy way, when she turned her head to me, opened her eyes and smiled really really big.

I was a little worried before she was born that I’d ever love a girl the way I love my boys. I ADORE my boys. I shouldn’t have been worried. I can’t even begin to tell you what this little girl does to me. She’s my PEACE. When I start to get worried about the future, about the cost of care, about blah blah blah…I go hold Abby. It always is all right when I hold her.

She’s starting to laugh a little now, too. Lance can get her to laugh. She’s enamored with her father. When he’s in the room, she’s looking at him. I love how much they love each other. It doesn’t show so much in that last picture. She does not love the whiskers.

Abby is a GIFT. 100 per cent.

Love Handles

I truly get the meaning of the words above.

I’m jiggly all over. Jolly jiggly. But I think I’d rather be mean and skinny. So that’s what I’m embarking on. I’m down 10, or was before my surgery. I’m even thinking about posting a ‘before’ picture so you guys can see the radical transformation in the weeks to come. Because it will. Because I’m tired of being so fluffy.

This picture of me is AWESOME. We were playing Quelf. I was a weeping willow tree of awesomeness.

The picture doesn’t adequately show off my love handles, but you really don’t have to imagine to know they are there. Loving you.

7 thoughts on “Words

  1. We can get skinny together. I'm jealous though-once o get "skinny" I'll just get pregnant again. So. Pointless!I didn't think you were mean. Except for when you tackled me…but that was before the surgery.

  2. I think you look great. I never saw you before but you're pretty hot now.Also, I have come to your blog like a million times today to look at that cute squishy face of Abby's when Lance is kissing her. She's so cute!!!!!!

  3. You don't look so fluffy. I am ENAMORED with Abby and you. JIGGLY…that is me. But like you I would rather be mean and skinny, than mean and JIGGLY. So I too am about to embark on a SERIOUS weight loss adventure. And Melanie…if you ever read this…we need to hang out. SSSHHH don't tell Lexi I said that.

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