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You Googled ME!

So, my new favorite thing is to see who visits this blog. It does wonders for my self esteem (I laugh as I say that because right now my self esteem lives in the fold between my belly and my legs). And the craziest thing has started to happen- people are googling me! I’m so glad I never did porn. (I have typed no less than 7 HYSTERICAL (well, to me anyways, I have REALLY low standards on what is and isn’t funny (parenthesis in parenthesis in parenthesis! My own linguistic inception!)) sentences that followed that one, all much to racey to post, now that I know people are googling me. It could be CHILDREN.

Don’t be confused with the dude from Switzerland named Alexis Magnusson. We’ve talked. Even though he’s older, he’s now going by Alexis Magnusson III. Why ‘the third’ you ask? Just another degree of separation. That dude is crazy submissive. Unless you meant to google him and somehow are awkwardly fixated on this blog. You should be. It talks about such interesting subjects as poo and postpartum depression.

So anyways, cool. You googled me. Makes me feel all sorts of celebrityish. And not in the Sarah Palin celebrity way, because that would make me feel kind of dirty (I only say this because it always means an interesting conversation with my sister Shelby), but in the kid on youtube who lipsyncs songs celebrity way. I’ll post that. It’s amazing.

8 thoughts on “You Googled ME!

  1. When I've seen I've been googled I think Government Conspiracy..I also love this "kid" when he sings What Hurts the Most.. though he kind of weirds me out.. is he a kid? Or a "little person"? If he is a kid he has a mustache.. WEIRDS. ME. OUT. One of life's many mysteries, I guess.. Kind of like the show Jersey Shore or Pit Boss.. I just don't understand.

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