poo wars.

So, Abby only poos in clean diapers. She’s a princess. So tonight I know she’s ready to go- so I only PRETEND to change her diaper. I don’t. Sure enough, right after I velcroed it shut, she went. A slight smile of satisfaction came across her face, but I had won. I even rubbed it in a little, “SIKE! You just went in a DIRTY DIAPER! Mom wins again!” So I go to throw the diaper away, check on Casey (who I’m pretty sure has the flu, bless his heart for saving it until Lance was gone), and when I came back that same slight smile of satisfaction had come across Abby’s face. She had gone again. She wins.

4 thoughts on “poo wars.

  1. From what I have read on your blog, I think she got some of her mom's personality. Wonder what it is with pooing in clean diapers. My girls both were/are that way.

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