Give them your babies

This will be a quick one. I’ve been working for days on my post about Phoenix, but it’s still not done. Goes back to my lack of attention. Anyways, before I forget, I want you to give these folks your babies. I sent you an email about it some time ago. Here’s just another reminder.

This is my best friend Mandee. I love her with my whole heart. She and her cute husband (yeah, I said it) have already been able to adopt two beautiful kids and they’re ready for one more. They’ve been ready for some time. So, if you know someone between now and whenever who is looking to do what is quite possibly the most selfless act one can do, think of these people. Below is a link to their profile on itsaboutlove.org.

I can’t say enough good things about them. She’s a fantastic mom. He’s a great dad. They’re strong members of the church. They have a beautiful home and this baby would have a great older brother and sister.


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