independent for a reason.

So I just played spades game with three very lovely black women. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard at my computer in my life. Things you should know about black (I asked them if I should call them that or women of african american descent and they said anything but the ‘n’ word would suffice. We weren’t as close as I thought) women from Detroit. They’ll lol at anything. ANYTHING. They think it’s funny when fat white chicks call them brats. They aren’t as scary as you think. They do not own three houses each. I asked. They would buy me a kitten if we ever met in real life. But we won’t. Because I suck at spades.

So anyways. Then I got all giggly and started posting pithy comebacks on people’s facebook stati. Tomorrow morning I’ll realize that I’m not funny at all and will probably be down a few facebook friends. It’s my equivalent of getting drunk and having regrets. I get giggly and post on facebook.

My husband still doesn’t think I’m funny. He tells me this. Not so much with his words, but his utter lack of laughter. Utter. Udder. I’d hate to be a cow. You HAVE to produce milk. I like that I had a choice. Does the picture seem at all racey to you? It did me. I’m all uncomfortable.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sarah Palin lately. She’s been in my dreams. I was campaigning for her. For. Sarah. Palin. That’s worse than campagining for Pelosi! (in related news, Pelosi has admitted to being a zombie. No one was really surprised, that’s why it didn’t make the news. ) I woke up in a cold sweat and immediately told Lance it was time to commit me. Given how I’ve been acting the last couple of months, he grabbed the bag he’d already packed for such a time and went to call a babysitter. He wasn’t that prepared for when I went into labor.

I just made the entire previous paragraph up. Except the part about Pelosi. She’s a cyborg. cyborg zombie speaker of the house. luckeeee.

I actually have been thinking a lot about Sarah Palin. It’s how I take out my innermost rage. I just get all angry about Sarah Palin. Lance is very happy that he’s no longer the target. I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin has saved my marriage because of this. Man I hate her.

The best part about my night? That I didn’t have to make my own zombie pelosi picture. They h ad several online for me to choose from.

8 thoughts on “independent for a reason.

  1. i seriously don't understand your hatred. You can not like her but the loathing is weird. She is a decent person who does a lot of good for special needs kids – especially downs syndrome. That should be enough reason to like her a little, right? I don't think she should be president or anything like that but I certainly don't hate her. But feel free to keep hating pelosi because we are taught to shun evil.

  2. tell me what she has done for down syndrome kids. She's talked a lot about her son and the blessing he is, but what has she done aside from that?

  3. Unfortunately, she wasn't given the chance… actually I'm so glad to not have McCain… but she has been out campaining for people who will help special needs kids. In her words, "Further, I have deep respect for Cathy’s strong voice for families who are touched by those with special needs. She formed the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus which promotes research, education, and treatment to help improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome and other challenges. Cathy and I share a personal bond as proud moms who’ve both been blessed with sweet sons born with extra chromosomes. Perhaps it’s because we learn so much from these children and can see how they make the world a better place that I am confident that Cathy’s respect for life, and her commitment to protecting America’s Constitution, truly benefits all Americans. We need her in Congress…"

  4. She isn't the worst human in the world. You didn't get what I was saying when I said I was taking my anger out on her and not on my husband. She just is an easy target. For many, many reasons. I love that she stood up against whatshisbucket using the 'r' word- until she totally discredited herself by saying that Dr. laura should "reload" after she quit her radio program after using the 'n' word 11 times. What bothers me about her with the Down Syndrome thing is that she HAS the chance. She has a HUGE following. She could do something big for it. Instead, she's pandering to the base ALL OF THE TIME in hopes of a Presidential run in 2012. That bothers me a lot. And if you talk to other mom's of children with Ds, they feel the same way. You'd be surprised. It bothers me that she quit her job as Governor to work for Fox News and work on her 'celebrity status'. It bothers me that she knew NOTHING about what she was going in to when she ran as vice president. She says it was the media and their 'gotcha' questions (and a lot of it was) but it was because she was such an EASY target. I think she lost it for the Republicans. I didn't vote Mccain because I was scared to death that with a man at his age he could die and she would be left as president. That's worse than Obama, who, by the way, I didn't vote for either. I wrote in my chiropractor.

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