I'm so funny?

Dear Science, you suck!

This is a brontosaurus. You learned about it in school. The teachers were liars. You were lied to. There’s no such thing. No riding skateboards off it’s tail. It didn’t have one. It was a fake.
You also probably learned about the planets. You know, My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles? Except there are no pickles. Pluto was downgraded. Stupid celestial body. I used to LOVE you! (in related news, NEH-MON-ICK is spelled ‘mnemonic’. I’m beginning to think that my mom should have let the Scientologists home school us.)
And now this. Triceratops. Science has now told us that they were just kidding about you, too. You didn’t ever really exist. You didn’t procreate and produce a crappy little three horned named Sarah that everyone hated in the Land Before Time. You weren’t real.

I’m beginning to think all of science is crap now. Next you’re going to tell me that phrenology isn’t real and that my husband isn’t nerdy, but really really cool.

One thought on “Dear Science, you suck!

  1. Dear Lexi,I was a scientist this summer. And since I'm professional and everything, let me be the first to agree with you. Science can suck it.Love, Adrienne

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