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Best Surprise Ever

This picture would have made Dad proud

So. The day before Abby’s blessing I was hurrying to get everything done for my family to arrive. I spent that morning out buying groceries, trying to find an outfit that I didn’t hate on me, etc. I get home and started working on the house. It was only Abby, Casey and I because the others had gone to Seattle to pick up Lance’s family. My brother Travis called and stayed on the phone a r e a l l y long time- for him. We usually end our conversations about ten minutes into it with something to the effect of, “I grow tired of this useless banter” or “I’m going to let YOU go” because that’s the nice way of saying you’re done with the conversation. He would not get off of the phone. I told him I was trying to get my house cleaned and he asks, “Do you need help?” I heard the doorbell ring- in my house- and through the phone. I got goosebumps all over. I threw my phone (and it’s a good thing that I had already put Abby down) and in ran to my door. In walks my older brother. I can’t even begin to tell you what joy came over me. He was here! I could not believe it. His wife had told me a couple of times that she was sending an AWESOME package that would probably get there on Saturday- she was right. It was the best ever.

Lets back up. My dad passed away when I was 13. When we found out that Dad wasn’t going to live much longer my brother gave me a big hug and told me he would be there for me. The year after my father passed Travis and I were really close. He dated a girl that lived just down the street from my best friend at the time, so he’d come pick me up when it was time to go home. He’d roll all the windows in his white Honda and put the sunroof back and blast “Yellow ledbetter” as we drove down Moon Valley Road (or whatever it’s called). To this day that song is my favorite. Every time I hear it it takes me back to that time.

Over the next couple of years Travis and I hung out with the same group for a time, then Travis left on his mission. I sucked at writing him, though I always cared the most what he thought. I really did. When he got home and thought my car was cool, I thought it was cool. He helped me find an apartment down in Ephraim, Utah at Snow College. When he approved of Lance, I knew I could marry him. (not travis. There would be many things wrong with that). I was only a little sad at my wedding that I didn’t get the first dad-daughter dance. But since I was thirteen I knew I had someone different, but just as great- my older brother. I loved how happy he was for me.

So when Travis walked through the door, it meant the world to me. I’ve always been a little sad that my father wasn’t there (in person) when we blessed our babies. This time, we were going to have so many of our best friends along with all of Lance’s family- but no Prices. Then Travis showed up. Having Travis there was as good as having my father there. He loved Abby (and who couldn’t, really?) and had a hard time letting anyone else have her. Having him ‘approve’ of where I lived, my dorky friends, etc. meant so MUCH to me- there just aren’t words. He always has been a little jerkish about us moving away from Utah and staying here, but now he saw why. He went on and on about how cool our house was, the forest behind it and was mad he didn’t bring his fishing poles for our stream in the back.

I’m SO MAD that I don’t have any pictures of Travis with Casey. Hopefully he has some. Casey loves Travis the most. More than his wife and children, I’m sure. Since we left Utah last April Casey talked about Travis being his ‘best friend’. And when he’d get mad, Casey would stomp out of the door and say, “I’m going to My Uncle’s’. Casey has a bunch of pictures of Blue Angels Jets that he carries around, and one time while I was on the computer on our family site, he saw a picture of Travis holding his daughter. He made me print that one out, too. He cut it out like he did the pictures of his jets, and carried it around with them. When Travis came in Casey was SO excited to see his BEST friend.

My Soul even came back to me for a time. It’s back in Utah now. It did get to go to Ohio this week. Long story. Another post. Some day.

I got to spend the whole day after Abby’s blessing with Travis. We dropped off his sweet Camero that he had rented, and then went to Seattle. We assalted that unsuspecting city with ninjas. If I had my dang cord to my dang camera, I’d post pictures. I’ll get to that. Some day. It was one of my most favorite days ever. We talked the whole day. We saw the fish throwers. We ninjad a security guard.

Anyways. This has been mushy. I didn’t mean for it to get mushy. I love how much Abby loves her older brothers. She’s lucky. She’s got three of them. I know what good can come into her life because of her brothers. I’m thankful for mine. I’m thankful that he came at such a cost to be with me on such a special day. I love him and his perfect wife, Katie, so so much. They’ve always been way better to us then we even deserve.

On the way home from taking Travis to the airport I was REALLY sad. Just as I pulled in to Port Orchard, the song Yellow Ledbetter came on the radio, and ended just as I pulled into my drive way.

Travis and some blankets? Abby’s in there somewhere. I love that blanket. His wife sent it to us.

Missing Casey- he hates pictures.

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