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I’m hateful.

I’m bored- and I haven’t written anything I’ve found truly enjoyable in some time. So here’s a subject I can really go off on:

Crap I hate.

  • not bullets. I love bullets. Guns, too.
  • that last one is a lie. I don’t love guns. I hate them in fact. I think some take the second amendment all too seriously. I do love the shirt that says, “Guns don’t kill people, I kill people” because I do.
  • I hate Calliou.
  • People who chew with their mouth open. I don’t just hate what the person is doing, I hate the person. I hate their family. I hate their third grade teacher.
  • I hate Switzerland. I think they’re jerks.
  • I hate the hit tv show Wipeout. Only because I’ve seen every episode four thousand times.
  • I hate the word “retard”. With all of my heart I hate that word. If you say it around me, expect to be reprimanded in the meanest way possible. I know it’ so common to use it in every day speech- but that’s no excuse. It’s a horrible word! I have two children with special needs- would you call them that to their faces? These faces?

So knock it off already. It’s not okay. To me, it’s as offensive as the ‘n’ word. I will punch you. Don’t think I won’t. visit

10 thoughts on “I’m hateful.

  1. oh man. we have a strict rule in our house that that word is not allowed. BUT we're still working. i hate it too. i love the bear arms shirt. travis super needs that.

  2. I have to admit, one of the "bad" word habits I'm STILL trying to kick from my high school years, along with "freaking" is the practice of saying "I'm retarded," when I do something dumb. It kind of flies out here and there still and then I have to REALLY kick myself, because I actually feel quite strongly against the term as well. I would never call someone else that name, so I shouldn't use it against myself either. For multiple reasons. On lighter matters, what's wrong with the Swiss exactly? They do make lovely chocoloate and scenery. I wanted to move in there, at least during the summers.

  3. I absolutely positively hate Calliou!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is a whiny brat.. Thank you sharing in this hatred. THIS is why I like you.

  4. Hey, just popping in via Babycenter. I'm with PP – don't hate Switzerland! It's not all bad – and you never know when you might need a British friend and fellow T21 momma, married to an American, and living right slap bang in the middle of said country of chocolate and mountains!!

  5. I'm from BBC. And I just have to say, your Caillou picture made me laugh out loud and I've been having a tough week. And your new daughter is beautiful. Thanks for the lift!

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