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Therapy is EXPENSIVE, so I’ll blog

I saw a therapist once a week for a long time back in 2008/2009. It was during the time that I was dealing with the undiagnosable chronic pain, and my therapist was Harvard trained in managing people like me. The crazies. I wasn’t just crazy because I’d spent the last two years in pain, getting every dumb test known to man done along with a barrage of unnecessary surgeries. I was crazy because I had three boys under the age of 6, one of which had autism. It was GREAT for me to talk to someone who would give it to me straight. Who would make me make plans and follow through on them. Who eventually stopped seeing me, because in his words I, “wasn’t crazy enough, and really, quite boring compared to the other people I see in my office.” it was his awesome way of graduating me. The therapy was good for me, and I honestly think everyone would benefit from some. I’d like to go back. I liked having an hour to let all of the crazy out once a week. It was cathartic. But it also was EXPENSIVE. We have fantastic insurance, but it still cost us more then we can afford.

So I’m doing the next best thing. I’m getting it out on my blog. Sorry suckers.

Let me tell you in advance. No one is forcing you to read this. There will most definitely be swears. I’m not always going to be funny or even happy. But I promise I will be truthful.

I have two special needs children. Say that over and over in your head for a month and you’ll be where I am today. Grateful. Overwhelmed. a little sad. A lot happy. It’s strange, I know. But it’s what it is.

Everyone has left. This last weekend was awesome and tiring and amazing. I will put up a post about that as soon as I can find my damncamera (does it still count if I add the swear in front of a word?). I can’t find my camera because my house is a mess because Abby decided to be all sorts of n o r m a l today and do normal baby things like being fussy and wanting to be held all of the time. I want her to go back to being Abbynormal. Ahahahahaa. Words.

So anyways, that’s what you should know about this blog going forward. It’s going to be honest. I’m not sorry for it though. I am sorry for the swears and the constant picking on Misty, but it’s only because it brings me so much joy.

9 thoughts on “Therapy is EXPENSIVE, so I’ll blog

  1. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that Misty is your new victim of choice.Vent away, Woman. No one deserves a forum more than you. I love you, Lexi. (And the next time that Abby is demanding to be held, give a shout. I need baby time.)

  2. I'm in favor of blog therapy. I'm glad to hear you being normal as well. Not crazy, just normal overwhelmed with your life. See, here I was thinking you were perfect and feeling crappy that I can hardly handle my own little rugrats. Even not perfect, I still find you quite amazing.

  3. I'm glad that I'm right up there with swears! =)I have often thought that I could use a therapist. Maybe I will start. Or just come and lay on your couch and talk to you…or Peyton. He would do and I'd be sure to get all sorts of awesome advice.You are doing great! Life can be tough, and that's okay. I agree though – it stinks when those really good babies turn into normal ones that actually have demands. Like we don't have anything else to do!

  4. The first three months of any baby's life is "muddle through" time for any honest mom (except maybe Lindseay). Look what else you have to deal with! I love you. You are my hero.

  5. I like that Misty likes being your victim. Perhaps she REALLY does need therapy. lol!I think that to be able to honestly say your feelings and not put up a false face is what makes you the awesome person you are.

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