Father’s Day

I suck at Father’s Day. It’s unfair really. For Father’s Day Lance deserves something supergrand- and he ends up with something for him to cook me food on and letting me have a nap. But that’s Lance. He’s the greatest thing ever. Ever.

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I ADORE that picture of them. So sweet! He lucked out with you, too. I would say you're pretty great…you know, if you're not into home cooked meals and a clean house. Oh wait, that's what Phil must not be interested in. Or has decided to be content to live without! =) But in all seriousness, you guys are both great!

  2. um, lance is one of the best men i know. and i know A LOT of men.that was creepy.seriously, i have nothing but the utmost respect for him. he is truly one of the good ones. i'm happy for you, and you have to be something pretty special to land him:).

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