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Baby Abby in what looks like a sweat band. She’s a little bald in the front, so we’re investing in Brett Michaels type bandannas- they’re just not here yet. She’s cute, huh?

Chandler MY LOVE. This is the sweet (no longer) little girl who used to live next to us. They came and visited us last night, which was totally delightful, but just angered me more at her parents terrible decision to move away. Terrible!

Maybe not completely soulless after all.

Just like her dad, she sleeps like she’s dead.

Casey crossing the monkey bars all by himself.

Carter and Mark at field day

He chooses his clothing.

So itty bitty.

8 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. okay, casey's haircut? best thing ever. and lance with abby on him? he is a big guy isn't he? i absolutely adore her. in fact i'm going to go buy her a present today. and damn you for keeping those kids away from me.

  2. I love you with all of my heart, Katie. ALL. of. it.Peyton's haircut, you mean? Casey's is really just a headshave grown out badly. Peyton's haircut serves as a warning. Cute face. Crazy boy.

  3. All darling pictures, she is already a little diva. I never thought Peyton was soul-less just an ill tempered soul, it comes with being a middle child.

  4. Awesome pictures! Your boys are so sweet! And it goes without saying that Abby is too. I can't shake the overwhelming desire to snuggle her! I love, love, love the picture of Peyton with his suspenders and mohawk. I know it's not an exact look-a-like but he reminds me a bit of Mr. T.

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