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what happens when I try…

So I sat down to do a post on statistics. I’m so nerdy. (not as nerdy as lance, but that’s only because I try really really hard) But I have NO attention span. In the last HOUR I have started looking up the statistical information that I usually just make up…which took me to some autism sites…which took me to some surveys that I hadn’t finished for the IAN Project…which made me too too bored…so I went back to Facebook (of course) and
saw that Erin had posted about how she hasn’t blogged…which made me want to find fun ways to prank the Hoskins…

(in a side story about such things, my husband and I made a special trip on our date several weeks ago to buy a bunch of crappy toliet paper to get the Hoskin’s new tree that they had been excited for…and then it turned out that their new tree probably couldn’t hold the roll from which the paper came without some major issues, so now we have to use 24 rolls of crappy toliet paper, which is no fun because I JUST HAD A BABY…so they got us this time…oh how they got us…)

…which made me feel bad because I promised myself I’d prank Pam first…which made me remember that I still had Pam’s cup from when she brought me a smoothie…which made me remember that I made a smoothie this morning that’s still in the blender (it’s been a couple of hours)…which made me think I should clean…which brought me back to the computer because I HATE CLEANING…which made go to my blog page to post about how ADD I am.

I’d post a whole day’s worth of adventures, but again, no brain.

Seriously. I have ISSUES.

In all of this I’ve been feeding/not feeding the baby. Neither of us have the attention span to finish a bottle.

I was going to finish the previous sentence with a new picture of Abby, but I’d have to find my camera and upload it…and that with all of the extra things I’ll do in between will take until tomorrow…


  • Found a picture of Pam on facebook. Spoke to Pam on facebook. Called her out on her bull.
  • Got angry with Misty (as angry as you can get at her…) on facebook for badgering me about things I have NO CONTROL OVER, so I found a picture of her as well and made that fancy link to her blog on the side.
  • Saw a picture of Courteny on facebook and decided to start hunting down all of my cute maternity clothes…
  • Finished feeding Abby, but did not change her. That’s next.
  • Downloaded a never been released Pearl Jam song and spent fifteen minutes trying to get into the right playlist on Itunes
  • Almost murdered Peyton, but that’s par for the course
  • Wrote babysitter to come save me…or Peyton…while I get more olive oil from the store…and something to clean the olive oil off of my hardwood…
  • etc etc lost track…

Sorry suckers.

5 thoughts on “what happens when I try…

  1. you are hilarious! I am the badgering type, aren't I?Sorry about your olive oil…and your floor.Oh, and I still have a box full of things that I found in my yard late one night. I'm up for recycling them whenever you are!

  2. Feel free to keep the twenty year old busch gardens cup. You could put pretty much anything in our yard and it would just blend in with all our other white trash yard junk…

  3. You make me feel more normal. I am supposed to be cleaning but decided to check out the Magnusson blog because I saw it on facebook.Once again if you need a break give me a call, Come over and bring Peyton and that cute baby.

  4. Yay! I made the bullet list! I will totally take any clothing offerings you've got. I love that you admit to being too lazy to get up and get the camera to download pictures. That is totally me! Good luck with your ADD. Mine gets worse after each kid. I have no hope after January!

  5. Why did I not see this earlier. You're the best, but not with ADD. That's my forte. I love doing things for which I have no attention span. It's a lot of something… i don't know…

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