The progression of the tree

It got out of hand, but Heather wanted me to post it. I love Heather. Not just because she brought me eclairs and gushed about my tree for forever, but also because she no longer squirms when I grab her bottom.

Okay, I don’t. But I could.

It’s in the nursery which will be very cute if I ever ever finish it. I don’t finish anything.

14 thoughts on “The progression of the tree

  1. It looks great! Now, come do one in my nursery (a little less pink) and maybe if you have plans to do something your baby will come…

  2. SO cute! I wish I had "painter's rights" in this house! Not that I could do anything as cute as that, but I'd like to have the option. Sorry you have to keep being preggo. I went a week and a bit overdue with Patrick and I was one cranky human being by the time he came out.

  3. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS Lexi!!! Thanks so much for posting it!!! Now I won't have to stop by unannounced and potentially have my eyes burned with images of Lance coming down the stairs…..(; LOL I got a kick out of that FB post!Love you, you did an AMAZING job!!! I can't wait to see the whole room when you're done! And don't worry, you'll finish. (:P.S. I love the bird by the tree too, it's "perfection."

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