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I want to verbally assault you, only because I wanted to use the word “diatribe” this week.

So on Facebook there’s this “copy and paste status update” thing that says something like, “my wish for 2010 is for people to understand that autism is not a disease, so it can’t be caught like a cold, and that we aren’t looking for a cure but acceptance”. It’s such GARBAGE. Seriously!

I don’t know if I’d go as far to say that it isn’t a disease. I don’t think anyone with half a brain thinks that they can get autism from standing next to Casey anyways. I almost kind of hope it’s a disease, because then maybe they’ll find a treatment, a cure, or even (and wouldn’t this be wild…ooooh, I feel another diatribe coming) an immunization against it. There are some disabilities that aren’t diseases- they are chromosomal abnormalities or birth defects. But we just don’t know with autism.

Second, we ARE LOOKING FOR A CURE. Are you kidding me? Why would we even need acceptance if there were a CURE? You can take your acceptance and shove it. I’d do anything for a cure. ANYTHING. I think it makes people feel good about themselves to say that they are so accepting of people with special needs. Or to flaunt that they know someone who has autism and they’re soooo good with them. I’m actually thinking of someone in particular here. They SUCK with Casey. If you want to show the world that you ‘accept’ children with autism, just do your best to treat them as close as you can to ‘normal’. Or as close as they will let you. Or really, just TRY. That’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “DIATRIBES

  1. Some things:1) Those Facebook statusses (stati?) rub me the way wrong way. There was one about Army wives & I felt like the unsaid part was "and if you DON'T feel exactly this way you're clearly NOT a supportive military spouse." I'm so over it.2) I was just talking to someone yesterday about how the parents of kids with special needs are some of the very best parents we know. Whether you were going to be so awesome to begin with or whether Casey has honed you into an even better mom than you would have been otherwise, who's to say, but I find you inspirational and I thought you should know. Superpowers or no.3) I heart that picture of you and the boys a few posts down. They all have expressions on their faces ranging from slightly to extremely pained and you look totally chipper and cute. Love it.4) My word verification is covedipp and now I want Dairy Queen. You rock.

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