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The Abby Update

These are some of the pictures I stole off of Marie Photographie’s page. The link is to the RIGHT. Aren’t they PERFECTION?!

So everyone keeps asking about Abby. It’s quite boring as I usually just want to talk about myself. So, whatever, I’ll update you.

She’s doing FANTASTIC. She’s a good little baby. You can tell she just has a happy spirit because she smiles so much while she’s sleeping. She’s tiny. I doubt she’s put on more than a pound since we brought her home as she is still very comfortable in all of her newborn clothes. She’s going to stay small, or so I’ve read. That excites me. My boys went from preemie clothing to wearing their dad’s clothing in like a week. She’s eating like a champ (she’s a Magnusson) and sleeps really well at night. She really is a dream baby.

We found out that therapy for her will start MUCH sooner then we expected. Like right now. They want to work on her muscle tone and in a few months will start speech therapy. We’re going through Holly Ridge Center- which is who helped Casey the first couple of years after his diagnosis. For the first year they send the therapists right to our house- which will be nice. I think. It probably means I’ll have to clean. I hate cleaning.

Abby has teeny tiny airways, which could in the future present a problem. Right now it’s all we can do just to get her to breathe without sounding like a pug. But if this is the most serious medical problem we have with her, we’ll count ourselves SO blessed. We know how rare it is to have a child with Down syndrome be so healthy.

So that’s the latest. Heather James threw an amazing shower for her and as soon as I can steal the pictures from Kylie, I’ll blog about that, too. I’ve had SO much fun finding a stroller and dressing her up in her clothes. I can’t wait to share…


The Sherwoods

The Sherwoods moved today. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it. They have been family to us these last four years. We’ve spent every Thanksgiving and Easter with them- and a few other holidays. Carter and Jackson started Sunbeams together. They went to preschool. They’ve been there for us through my surgeries, babies being born- and even last week when I started to have problems- it was a huge miracle that Heather was there at my house to rush me to the hospital. Another huge blessing to have her there to entertain me and keep my mind off of how scared I was. I love her kids like they are my own nieces and nephews. Lance adores those girls- and they love him back. It was those girls that made Lance so excited to have one of his own. I’m going to miss them SO much. I’d love to say that they are off to bigger and better things. But they’re not. There’s nothing bigger or better than right here.

Jackson, Carter and Carter

(ella was sick and Casey didn’t want to stay for many of the pictures)

More pictures!

This is Abby in the dress that I had my baby blessing in.

Click on the link below to see Marie’s shots from the same day as the others. They’re amazing. I love the girls who did these pictures- they spent almost FOUR HOURS with her, totally doted over her and made everything perfect. If you need fantastic pictures- these are your girls. They’re websites are listed to the left.

The newest pictures can be seen at Marie’s website: