Yeah Baby, I’m OBNOXIOUS

obnoxious. spelled correctly. Take that, nerds.

I got tagged. Woot.


4 Shows I Watch:
Community. Love.
Only because it’s always on at the Mag house

Quite possibly the most clever show ever.

I’m also partial to shows that have the word ‘line’ in them. Like Nightline. Or Dateline. Or Frontline. Or Who’s Line Is It Anyways?.

4 Things I’m passionate about:
This dude. He’s the best thing ever.
2. My kids. They’re gross. They’re messy. They’re constantly making potty jokes. They’re always ALWAYS packing heat. But I really like them.
3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
4. Books. I LOVE to read. There isn’t a better escape for me. Except for actually escaping.

4 Phrases I say A Lot:
1. Seriously.
2. Knock it off or I will end you
3. Grrrr
4. I like you.

4 Things I’ve Learned
1. Happiness is who you are with, not where you are at. I’ve been happy living in a 500 square foot trailer, someone’s basement in D.C., or those three months in a hotel room. It doesn’t matter where. As long as I’m with people I can moderately stand.
2. Apple juice, sparkling or not, will make me sick.
3. There are some people you’re just going to have to deal with and saying anything to them about their narcissism or killjoyness doesn’t make anything better.
4. I will always miss my dad.

4 Places I Would Like To Go:
1. Capetown, South Africa. Cage diving with the great whites. Seriously.
2. Hawaii.
3. Whale watching at the San Juan Islands (I know. I’ve been here SIX years and it’s still on my list. Lance. lance. Hey Lance. Did you see that?)
4. Israel

4 Things I did Yesterday
1. Had lunch at Costco with my husband. Unlimited Pepsi products for sixty cents.
2. Bought 10 books at the Goodwill for $16. Good ones, too.
3. Did not have a baby
4. Blogged.

4 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Shark Week on the Discovery Channel
2. Evicting baby from womb.
3. My mom coming to visit next week
4. The Hoskin’s tree getting large enough for us to toilet paper.

4 Things on My Wish List:

1. Matching fourth bookcase for my family room. Not too many books, too little bookcases.
2. Sharp knives. For my kitchen. Seriously. We got ours in a $20 set 9 years ago when we got married. The kids use them to cut through playdough and they barely work.
3. Two kittens
4. world peace.

If YOU read this, you’re tagged. Go forth.

One thought on “Yeah Baby, I’m OBNOXIOUS

  1. "The kids use them to cut through playdough and they barely work."This could be one of my favorite lines ever. I despise lousy knives. We have a few really good knives and it makes me crazy to watch my husband struggle with a cheapo one because he won't bother looking for/cleaning a good one.

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