To keep busy, I’ll blog

I’m going out of my mind. It’s not fair. I shouldn’t be. MOST women have to be pregnant the full nine months, why not me? Just because the doctor said she’d BE HERE BY NOW doesn’t mean I should have expected it. Just because all of my babies are a month or so early doesn’t mean that SHE WOULD BE. I’m impatient. I want to meet her.

So I’m bored. Really. That’s what it comes down to. I’m looking for a change of pace, and it’s coming. But not right now. So I’ll blog. Suckers.

Random events and whatnot:

  • Gary Coleman died today. So I guess my bucketlist item of going on bumpercars with him won’t happen in this life. Do you think there are bumpercars in Heaven? I do.
  • See these funky looking babies? (I can’t find my camera to take a picture of the actual one) Well we found one in our house, I think it was a part of a Christmas gift, but I can’t remember. Peyton picks it up and lifts up his shirt exposing his belly. I was almost about to think that he was going to pretend to be pregnant or something, but no. He puts his shirt under his chin so he can use both hands- with one hand he holds the baby up to his belly, with the other he takes his belly button and squeezes it to make it ‘talk’. Had a a full on conversation, belly button to baby. The kid is a WEIRDO.
  • On the way out to the car today Casey totally tripped and SMACKED right into the car. He takes a step back and says, “good thing the car broke my fall”
  • The Goodwill in Silverdale has an excellent selection of books.
  • Costco now serves only Pepsi products. I’d like to think that it doesn’t change everything for me, but it does. I love PEPSI. Sorry Hoskins. I know how devastating this loss is for you.
  • The Young Women in my ward threw me a surprise baby shower. It deserves it’s own post, and I will. I need to get some pictures from people who had cameras there. It was awesome. I can’t believe the amount of work they put into it along with not giving away the surprise. They’re the best.
  • The dudes at Lance’s work threw him a surprise baby shower. I think that is cute.
  • Casey is still a cat. I need to get him declawed.
  • Wii are about four years behind in the cool video games category. But wii are very happy with our latest purchase. Worth it’s weight in gold that thing is.
  • Today at Walmart we let Casey and Peyton pick out a small toy each. Casey got yet another airplane. Peyton got the most obnoxious screeching parrot light thing ever. He LOVED it. He’s evil. I tried to get him to exchange it with different toys that gradually increased in price. What did we finally get him to exchange it with? A FREAKING BIKE. The kid really is an evil genius.
  • Carter gets up in the morning and gets himself and his brothers breakfast. Seriously. Where did I get this kid? I’d write more about him, but he gets home from school at about 4, shoves his face with whatever snack he can find and is gone again trolling the neighborhood with his friends. He’s funny. He’s VERY careful to be home on time. Like to the point that you would think that one time we beat the hell out of him for being late. But we didn’t. We just told him to be home on time and he does it. Out of baseless fear. I love that in a kid.
  • I WORK lance in wii sports. WORK HIM. So much for all of his athletic training. In fact, that’s what I’m about to do right now.

6 thoughts on “To keep busy, I’ll blog

  1. That's a good catch-up. I think I like it when you're bored. Yes, the weird plastic baby was a Christmas gift – from the Primary. It was supposed to remind the kids of baby Jesus. You can thank Janna and I any time. 😉 Also, I LOVE Pepsi too. I get really excited to go to a restaurant and find out that they serve Pepsi products. It makes me buy a soda when I otherwise wouldn't have.

  2. I'm glad you're blogging now because I have a feeling you might be MIA for a little while once that baby comes. Oh, and I ♥ Coke products

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