labor and delivery minus the delivery is sucky.

So I went into labor Thursday night. Woo. Right? Well, No.

Turns out, my doctor and I have major date issues. Here’s how it breaks down.

My due date based on LMP was June 18.
My due date based on the first ultrasound (which combined the sizes of both twins, even though twin b, the one we lost, was smaller) was June 28. They said it could be off by as much as ten days at that point.
My due date based on the next ultrasound, where we found out we had lost the twin was June 18.
My due date based on the follow up ultrasound at 18 weeks was around June 20.
My due date based on my 20 week ultrasound was June 24.

So being impatient, I just went with the earliest, June 18, which would have put me right at 36 weeks on Friday. I had both Casey and Peyton at 36 weeks. So when the contractions came 3-4 minutes a part on Thursday we were STOKED. Baby time.

We got to the hospital and they went with the last due date, so it only had me at 34 weeks, so they proceeded to stop the labor. Have you ever had that? It’s GRIM DEATH. They gave me bags upon bags of magnesium sulfate. It makes you feel like you’re on fire. It wasn’t working at first so they upped my dose as high as they could. I lost my vision at that point. If I opened my eyes I had blurry double vision that made me dizzy and nauseous. I had the double vision and fire muscles for 36 hours. It was seriously the worst two days I can remember. Lance would come and visit me and I couldn’t even open my eyes. Finally yesterday they weaned me off of the magnesium and onto terbutaline- starting out with those fantastic bee stings of death shots. Also lots of steroids. She’s going to come out with a mustache.

So here we are. The doctor, who I’m not going to hurt, really, thinks she won’t stay in longer than this week. We’ll see. The fun part about going into labor is even if they stop it, your body still thinks there was a baby coming so it gets to work on the other things- like milk production. Too much info? Sorry. You came here on your own free will.

So that’s the update. I’m going back to bed. Because I have to. Until tomorrow.

Also. Today is my husband’s birthday. I’m the worst wife ever.

9 thoughts on “labor and delivery minus the delivery is sucky.

  1. I'm so sorry! I have been on magnesium and that is some pretty nasty stuff. I had a mental break down after they started me on it with Ty and then I crashed and fell asleep for a while. That is sucky!And hey – at least being in the hospital gives you an excuse to not totally spoil lance, whereas if you were home and not doing it? there wouldn't be much of an excuse! =)Let us know if/when you need something!

  2. Aw man! Super sucky. We missed you today. Please call if I can do anything… I could borrow a boy or two for a while? Max and I have a new game in which I body slam him onto a couch cushion. He loves it. Could be fun for everyone.Also, I can think of way worse wifely things than taking care of yourself & baby, even on Lance's b-day. I think you're probably not even in the running. Sorry!

  3. I'm sorry, Lexi! Can we watch kids? Clean house? Bring dinner? You're in our prayers, especially so that she doesn't have too big a 'stache. Although, a handlebar at birth might be a pretty awesome story.

  4. Good luck, Lexi! Hang in there. I cried with Lindsey through magnesium (she called it mud through her veins) with Halle and then 6 weeks on bedrest with a 3year old todler. But before long you will have that beautiful, healthy little one in your arms and it will all be alright. Prayers are with you.

  5. Lance got an AWESOME song from all of us here in Utah…if that doesn't make his day, then nothing will! Don't worry about him, he's a great hubby, who adores his wifey, he probably didn't give it single thought.As for my favorite niece, I hope she comes soon and your agony ends. I can't wait to kiss her sweet face, mustache or no mustache.

  6. Hey Lexi! I found your blog through a link you posted on FB. Now I'm a stalker I guess. I was on magnesium with my daughter. Worst 2 days EVER. Between the magnesium and the awesome steroid shots in my butt that felt like hot peanut butter going in, I'm not sure which was my favorite part. Then they put me on terbutaline and it didn't work and I delivered early anyway.Hope all goes well. She'll come when she's good and ready no matter what the doctors do!

  7. Are you at home or in the hospital? What do you need to have done? I don't really help people, but I have these girls who need to be trained in service.

  8. Oh man am I excited for my niece! 😀 BUT I am sorry that you've had such an awful weekend! and I'm sorry we aren't there to help. you have permission to flog. 😦 keep us updated!

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