Funny things

I’ve been looking for ninjas. Because ninjas are cool. I’ve come across some good stuff in my search:

This one had a caption that read: Pirates vs. Ninjas: mobile. Help your baby make an informed decision

6 thoughts on “Funny things

  1. Totally love the sand ninjas.On a separate note, I was reading Orson Scott Card's review of the train your dragon movie, and thought of you when I came to this:And even Craig Ferguson's character Gobber, who could have been a caricature, is all the funnier because Ferguson (the best nighttime talk show host since Johnny Carson, which means the second-best ever) gives a spot-on performance that is so real you actually start thinking about how strong and brave this man is, to keep his verve despite several maimings. Even though he's just a drawing on the screen, you think of him as real.

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