Mother’s Day

My favorite part about Mother’s Day? Oh boy. This is a good one.

So the Primary kids went up to sing some songs and much to my great surprise Casey wanted to go. I walked up with him and sat on the front, ready for when he decided he didn’t want to anymore. After the first song, Peyton, who had been in the bathroom with his dad scrubbing off his sweet marker mustache, came strolling up. He couldn’t have cared less about singing. He kind of bounced around up there for a minute and then turned to the new Bishop, his counselors and some members of the Stake Presidency and shook his fist at them.

Bless that boy.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I must have missed that while I was dying inside over Patrick's interpretive dance routine before and after the singing. These kids…

  2. Oh! I missed a good one! Brad told me that Kyle ran in at the last minute (also coming from the bathroom), holding onto his wide open pants, had Brad hurry and zip him up so that he could run up there to sing.

  3. That is AWESOME! I totally missed that. We were on the other side.Also – maybe you should tell Lance to let Casey watch Spongebob whenever he wants!!! =) That is also…AWESOME!!! Not so much for you, but it's amazing what these little ones are capable of!

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