Utah Trip!

Hotewell with a pooowelll. Casey’s only requirements.
Lance at the hospital. I forgot my phone, but not my camera and was bored. He ROCKED that kidney stone though. No joke. Lance got a kidney stone our first morning there. We were staying at my mom’s house, who was in Illinois, so we had to get my brother Travis and his wife up at 5:30 to take the kids so I could get him to the emergency room. It was awesome. He passed that sucker in less than three hours. We also got to see my little brother Jamey at the hospital who just happened to be the lab dork that ran Lance’s urine. There’s another story there, but it’s not suitable for ANYWHERE.
Okay so this is what I love so much about Logan. This is the night before he got married. He spent HOURS building this fort in the basement and then playing in it with the nieces and nephews. Who does that? Such a good kid. He’s going to be a great dad, too. Hopefully sooner than later.

Lance and Logan. We would have gotten more pictures of the bride and groom as they were coming out, but we didn’t.
Thinking about being angry. So cute.

My boys.
My vinyl! It looked good. They’re creative folks. I would have never thought to do this at a wedding.
Probably my favorite picture from the trip. Casey and his cousins Shelby and Ruby.
Aaaaah Family.
Carter and his cousin Cole. Nope, not older cousin. He’s a giant.
Carter and Cole clearing dishes. Carter LOVED that they wanted him to clean up people’s trash. He was good at it, too.

He’s wild.
Fancy hotel glasses. Spill easy.

8 thoughts on “Utah Trip!

  1. Dang, who is that cute "giant" kid anyways? We had SOOOOO much fun with you guys while you were here! I love love love the cute family picture! Thanks for giving me totally RAD nephews! Love ya to the sun.

  2. Cute pictures! We were in Utah for Joe's brother's wedding! Good weekend to get hitched, I guess. Wasn't Saturday perfect weather? Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. looks like you had fun (escept the whole kidney stone thing)! Peyton really does look like pure evil in that one picture of just him…and cole and casey must have the same giant genes!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog today. Looks like you guys really had an adventure in Utah. Our family travels through all parts of Utah and we have a great time. Next time you pass through here to visit family you should check out a Utah Travel Guide for Kids" that our family made for one of our Utah trips.Have fun traveling this summer. Try to stay out of the hospital next time!

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