The greatest thing ever.

There’s a good chance I’m going to have to make this blog private so DCFS can’t use it to get the kids from us. Meh, we’ve had a good run.

10 thoughts on “The greatest thing ever.

  1. There very best part of it is your laugh Lex! Ha ha. Lance is a freaking dead eye with that thing. He got them exactly perfect to make them fall every single time. I love it!!! So funny.

  2. holy crap. the best is how they just face plant when their feet are knocked out. we used to do this to jaxon with pillows. he'd run at us, we'd knock his feet out and he'd fall on his face. except that was on carpet. i love your boys.

  3. Lex you are awesome! Congrats and if you aren't still in the hospital you can rest assured that I too will be sporting an awful lot of baby weight. I am due in two weeks.

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