Really? I mean. Really.

To be quite honest, Casey’s been TOUGH lately. I’m exhausted. He bolts several times a day all the way down the road and I get to chase after him. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and not small. Running after my really fast son causes me to have contractions, and that’s no fun at all. We’ve been trying to find the right medicine for Casey- to help him sleep and basically to help him cope. It’s been rough on him, I don’t know if anything is going to work. So, while all of this is going on, I have this little four year old, who I’m sure Heavenly Father sent to me for some comic relief.
He dresses himself. Check out his “shoes” in this one. Yeah. Oven mitt and snow boot.
It’s not always hard with Casey. He really is the sweetest boy and has come so far. He also LOVES to vacuum, which is great, because he also loves to make huge vacuum necessary messes. These are after he exploded several pounds of goldfish in the backseat.
This is my post trip car. You’d think we lived out of it for a week. Nope. Two days.

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