Spring Break Day 1&2

It’s about accountability.

If I know that I’m going to be sharing pictures and events, I’ll actually put forth some effort. So here’s where I put forth some effort. The kids are out on Spring Break all week. The weather has been kind to us.

Built the biggest fort ever.

Then taught the kids something I really shouldn’t have:

This is how Carter nailed his front flip.
Also went to a playground with the Fagers, but I can’t prove it because I didn’t take a picture. Then the cutest little boy ever came over and wrestled for a couple of hours with Casey. It was the sweetest thing ever. I took a picture. It’s stuck on my phone. Misty?

Zoo. In writing this, I sound more like I’m giving a book report in the first grade than a blog. That’s okay, because this blog is more for me anyways. You’re bored, so you’re here. There’s nothing I can do about that. Unless you are genuinely interested in our lives. In either case, you’re probably bored.

The elephant came right up to us! It was awesome.

The polar bears were playing. In all of our times going to the zoo, I’ve never seen them do anything besides ‘sleep’ but I always kind of thought they were dead. It’s good to see them living.

Casey and the walruses. They made me feel small. I wish I had someone with me to take a picture of me, next to a walrus.

We got there right as they were finishing up feeding the sharks. Sharks are cool. Did you know that not all sharks have to swim to keep alive? That made me feel better. Because it would suck to not be able to stop moving.

Tomorrow…. THE COAST! Wooooooo! Just don’t tell the kids. I’m not telling Casey we’re going to a hotewell with a poowelll until we actually get to the hotel. It’s better that way.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 1&2

  1. You don't hear much from me, but you must know I read your blog because I am so interested in you and your great family. I am never bored when I read your blog, a little mystified sometimes, but I live on a little different planet. Good Mom. Keep those kids busy.

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