• Bullets!
  • Today Peyton named himself “Evil Genius” and then named Casey “Baby Assassin”
  • Any time I ask Casey to pinch his own bum for me, he turns around bends over a little and says, “No you do it!”
  • I bought Carter two cheeseburgers today at stinking McDonalds and he acted as though I had given him the greatest gift he’s ever been given.
  • Peyton spends a good portion of his time dancing alone in the middle of our culdesac. He was doing it today as the rain was coming down and I grabbed my camera to video tape it and as soon as he saw me he threw his hands up and went “RRRRrrrrr!” and stomped inside. I threw off his groove.
  • The other night Casey was throwing a fit about going to bed and finally after he realized he wasn’t going to win, he laid back and in his anger and exasperation said, “April fools, jerks!”
  • Carter did a front flip off of our stairs. Nailed it.
  • Casey used to make a point of sneezing on me any time the feeling came- he’d RUN from the other room when he thought he was going to sneeze just to do it in my face. Now he does it with gas. Boys.
  • Tonight I bought the cutest maternity swimsuit ever. That being said, pregnant women should not have to ever EVER wear swimsuits. It doesn’t matter how cute it is, it’s going on a pregnant woman.

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