Seriously Awesome. Almost unfair how awesome it was.

Look how close we were!
Richie Sambora is cute.
Dashboard Confessional. They were REALLY REALLY good.
I love the fat faced we took this picture ourselves in front of the key arena. It’s a concert tradition.

Our seats were insane. Jon Bon Jovi LOOKED at me. It was everything someone looking at you could be. It was.

Thanks again, Shelby. You happy me.

9 thoughts on “Seriously Awesome. Almost unfair how awesome it was.

  1. I can't believe how close you were!!! And yes, Richie is dang cute! I am so jealous but sooooo happy that you two went and had so much fun! LOVE IT!

  2. oh, anonymous. you're so funny. you must have a good camera – those pics are great!! i'll take credit for any rock that is in that baby later. if it's good rock.

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