It’s the sweetness.

Okay so last weekend Lance and I were going to get away. Wooooo. We needed it. I needed it. Badly. It’s not that I don’t love my kids or my house but sometimes they act like felons and my house feels like a prison. So I started to “prepare” my kids for my absence (There was a lot of HAHAHAHAA! Suckers! and what not). They conspired against me. Casey apparently drew the short straw and found some stomach flu. He started throwing up everywhere. This was Tuesday/Wednesdayish, so I thought we were cool. He struck too soon. HA!

But the plan was much, MUCH, more diabolical than I had assumed. They knew that it was Lance’s rockin’ aunt Vicky and fam that were coming up and that she’d still come and we’d still leave if he was sick. His point was to get ME sick. So he did. I went down hard with the stomach flu. Plans canceled. No prison break. No freaking coast. No love. Not for anyone.

So this week I was super bummed out. I’m a BEAST when I’m pregnant and this pregnancy has rocked more than most. I was, well, grumpy. On top of that, there’s been no sleep in the Magnusson house. It started out with Casey not sleeping. Because he doesn’t sleep and his diet consists mostly of waffles and chicken nuggets, he has no immune system. We had a day break before Casey spiked another fever and had a whole new bug. I hadn’t left the prison in days. I needed some good news. Every day I’d check the mail, and aside from magazine day, there were mostly bills. Some doozies. Then Becky told me about how the Hoskins were going to Bon Jovi. I had a Pavlovian response to the name of the band. I wannnnnaaaa gooooo. I did a quick search for tickets but they were too pricey (by that, I mean ‘not free’.). I still asked. Lance said, “no”, which is a big deal for Lance. The only thing he’s ever told me ‘no’ to was a kitten (oh and naming the baby Jovi- but did you see him on 30 Rock? He’s dreamy). So I did what any emotionally healthy individual does- I vented on Facebook.

That’s when Shelby, my crazy hot and desirable but too bad is married sister, said that she had bid on some tickets for me. I thought she was joking. You know. Payback for the many fun years we had sharing a room. Because, really. Really? Is anyone that cool? I didn’t think so. I was wrong.

Shelby Stroud is that cool. That’s her right there by the hot doctor who isn’t going to kill her for being so generous.

So we’re going. Tomorrow! Check out our seats!

And maybe after Lance sees how awesome (and awesome hot) Jon Bon Jovi is, he’ll reconsider the name.

7 thoughts on “It’s the sweetness.

  1. Dang, I knew there was a down side to never having to share a room… No way Logan's buying me concert tickets any time soon. But Yay! for you! 🙂 And I'm sorry ya'll got that stupid flu bug. it sucked.

  2. Sounds like the good news arrived just in time. I'm not the least bit envious of your good fortune–Bon Jovi was after my time–but I'm thrilled that you're thrilled.

  3. She really is that cool. I've wanted to marry her for years. But, alas, she's married. Oh and a woman. And okay, my cousin. Whatever.Bon Jovi was great on 30 Rock. I especially liked him as a house plant.

  4. Yaaay I'm so happy for you. 🙂 I told my husband I'm legally changing our last name to "Bon Duncan" since he is also a Jon and I figured it would help people remember there is no "h". He didn't thank me. Booo, what is with husbands acting all lame when it comes to awesome 80s bands?

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