My soul gets around and other musings.

So my brother has my soul. It travels more with him than it does me. He even scrubbed it with bleach, and I felt clean. It went to Mozambique a while back. You can see it on my Sister in law’s blog. I like my sister in law. She thinks I’m a snot. That makes my insides feel joy.


Other musings. I’m composing a letter to my Home Owners Association. I want to put up some shutters by our windows and buy a cannon. I’m pretty sure they’re going to say no to both, but it’s worth a try.

Seriously. There is endless fun to be had with a cannon.

5 thoughts on “My soul gets around and other musings.

  1. Just don't point the cannon at that cute better homes and gardens house down the street! I like that house!Oh, and if I ask nicely could I get my soul scrubbed too?

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