To Do List- Celebrity Edition!

So. Last night I was thinking about what I would do if I had the whole day to spend with Gary Coleman and got to thinking that there are A LOT of celebrities I’d like to hang out with. So I made my list. Here goes.

Kiss Neil Patrick right on the lips. It’s okay. Lance is cool with it.

Get verbally abused by Bob Barker

Dance with Craig Ferguson (you all knew that one though). I would like a pineapple hat to wear.

Walk through a room while Randy Jackson makes cat calls at me.

Get a picture of me and Alex Trebec flashing gang signs.

Headbutt Heidi Montag. But really, who’s list does NOT have this on it?

Eat carrots with Joe Biden.

Pick out kittens with Simon Cowell.

Play tether ball with Barbara Walters.

Be on the same flight or bus ride as Nicholas Cage. I wouldn’t want to talk to him though. I got a “what’s up” from him at a Pearl Jam concert once, and that was enough for me.

Plan a funeral with Martha Stewart.

Trap my mom in a ‘dancing sandwich’ between me and Peyton Manning.

Jump and hug with Zac Effron

Eat pie and be terribly condescending with Shelly Long.

Punt Sid the Science Kid

Go to a church function with Joel McHale

Pull Gary Coleman in a radio flyer wagon behind my bike (among many many other things)

ANYTHING with Tina Fey.

Do door to door census work with Bill Gates

Sit on a bench and complain about stuff with Wilford Brimley. I’d also like to be eating eggs while we did that.

Floss my teeth with Nick Jonas.

10 thoughts on “To Do List- Celebrity Edition!

  1. I love people with bizarre minds. Do you read Jasper Fforde? (I forgot to tell you, but re: my earlier comment, Etienne is the French form of the name Steven…not that big fat guy cares about that anymore…)

  2. Fabulous. That is all I have to say. Oh and I'm pretty sure Gary Coleman lives in Santaquin and gets the police called on him frequently for being mean. Can I please kick a kardashian while you get heidi montag?

  3. I was on a flight once with Steve Buscemi. He helped me put Brady in the stroller and then I said I liked his movies. I felt like a dork. I also rode in an elevator with Erik Estrada. I called him Ponch. He didn't laugh. The end.

  4. i hung with Wilford Brimley for maybe 3 hours. He was mean but I liked his politics at the time. He DID NOT want to talk about Cacoon. He did, however, just get some new handcrafted cabinets in his kitchen that pleased him greatly.

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