Big week in the Magnusson Family

Congrats to Missy and Luke! They just had #4! They named her Annie Ella and she’s so pretty!

Also congratulations to Logan who got engaged to his supercute girlfriend, Natalie. It looks like they’re getting married April 24.

We’re also glad that the Casey Moon (Lance’s little sister’s husband) didn’t die when his appendix almost exploded.

Peyton is now “Big Fat Guy”

3 thoughts on “Big week in the Magnusson Family

  1. I'm sorry, I have a copyright on that name for Max. I'm going to have to explain "royalty payments" to your child. Is that not a nice thing to call a baby? Eh. It's pretty true.

  2. Oooh the drama at the Magnussons! Hahaha! Cole used to be "big fat guy" and then he sprouted 5 foot tall legs and got all gangly! Who'd of thunk! Your newest niece can't wait to snuggle with you!

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