Favorite Quotes of the Week

Carter was asking to buy stuff at Walmart so Lance says, “get a job” and Carter was balking at this “a job?” and Casey turns to him and says, “like at Lowe’s” (keep in mind I’ve made a very conscious decision to never ever go there with my boys…it’s a sacred place…)


I was working in the garage and Peyton was puttering around and I said to him, “Hey Peyton, you’re cute” and he says, “yes, but my friends call me Cheetah”

Just now Casey grabbed my soda and Lance says to him, “You can have that if you help mom clean the bathroom” and without looking at him or saying a word, Casey hung his head and handed back the soda.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes of the Week

  1. No kidding. He refuses to be called anything else. But why Cheetah? Why not something cool like Dragon? I don't know him like I thought I did.

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