Dear Craig

I’m really sick of all of the TV shows that are trying to teach my kids to eat healthy. I already get enough crap from my husband for feeding them Mountain Dew and pixie sticks for dinner, now I’m hearing it from the kids themselves. You’re in the “entertainment” (and I use that term loosely) business, can’t something be done?

Thanks, I guess,

4 thoughts on “Dear Craig

  1. So tonight my wife and her friend were talking about the blogging world and how it seems like some of these bloggers out there seem like these super crafty perfect mom type people and how it makes them feel kind of bad for not doing as much as they do. So I tried to make them feel better by telling them about you and your blog and how your kids glued the dog to the wall.It made them feel much better. Then I get home and see this post and just laughed.

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