So yesterday I told Peyton to buckle his seatbelt but he said he couldn’t reach it (He totally could have too) so I asked Carter to do it (after much fighting with Peyton). Carter said that he can’t reach it (he was two seats away) and Peyton turned to him and said, “You should probably try harder then.” (I love parenthesis)

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  1. Oh and thanks for blogging…I LOVE reading your posts! And by the way….I love the dot..dot..dot(don't know the proper term for them) as much as you love parenthesis !

  2. Adrienne. You've made my day in every way. I ADORE your blog. It's my most favorite ever.I don't feel sorry for the twins. They're going to be the toughest kids ever. They're going to have to be. To survive.

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