letters to Craig

So this is my first of what will be many, many letters to Craig Ferguson.

Dear Craig,

I’m having twins. I’m tempted to name one “Craig” and the other “Ferguson”. In order to have my children avoid this fate, you’re going to have to put me in one of your singing/dancing skits at the top of the show. These are my terms.

Lexi Magnusson

4 thoughts on “letters to Craig

  1. Is it sad that I had to google Craig Ferguson because I had no clue who he was? I'm sorry to disappoint you sister… 😉 But your hair looks great! and any singing/dancing skit that you want to be in sounds like a good time to me.

  2. I think you will need a better threat. I imagine the idea of little Craig and Ferguson isn't unappealing to the celebrity mind. If you go through with it, I hope you'll go with the nickname "Gus" rather than "Fergy."

  3. Please oh please send this. I watch every night and will glory in your 3 minutes of fame. Then when he flies you out to LA to dance with puppets I will be there again to glory in your 5 minutes of fame. Going to one of his shows is definitely on my to do list, but going to one of his shows to watch you BOTH dance around like crazy people is now on the top of my WILL PAY TO SEE to do list. By the way, your other 8 minutes of fame are all yours.

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