my mind is gone, so I’ll blog

I can’t remember everything and the people that DO remember things that happen are slowly distancing themselves from me. Wanna guess why? (Navy. For reals.)

Anyways, so I was reminded of when Carter was 3 and took all of his basketball shorts to preschool with him for show and tell. My boys love their basketball shorts.

Now for today’s:

So Lance and I took the kids and a rental child to the ‘spinner’ park. We were looking at the birds and over the majesty that is the Puget Sound when we noticed some seagulls. You’ve got to understand. The seagulls here are well fed. They’re big birds. They look soft and cuddly. So naturally, I tell Lance that I’d like to hug one. I was all embarrassed (yeah right) that I’d say something so ridiculous, and he comes back with:

“I’d like to hold one in my two hands. Inspect it. Look it right in the eye”

You probably had to be there. I’m glad I was. Mostly because lance is HOT.

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