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  1. So either this is a really well planned April Fool's Day joke and you are going to give birth to just one baby on April 1st, or you are going to have your hands full with 5 boys very soon! Congrats!!!

  2. Is anyone surprised? Your life seems determined to keep you on the edge of sanity. You're going to have so many "helpers" in YW!! Congratulations! When we were pregnant with our fourth, we thought that twin boys would have finished our family perfectly. Maybe you'll miraculously have twin girls.

  3. Woot Woot!! Yay babies! 😉 my money is still on that they'll be boy-girl twins. yay! and I agree with Pam C. that we totally shouldn't be surprised, this is just one of many curvballs of crazyness/fabulousness for your cute fam! Woot!

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