I love Casey

Okay, so Casey has been going NUTS since school let out. He doesn’t quit moving or making sounds and only sleeps for about 6 interrupted hours a night. So today I put them in the car to go ride the ferry and Casey’s found a black permanent marker (that my friend left in the car from when we used it to draw mean faces on yard frogs to put in my friend’s yard- it’s another story) and colored on his face- that’s when I noticed he’s also colored all over the back of the seat. Permanently. In my complete exasperation with him I shouted “dammit child” and (I’m not even coming close to joking on this- Carter can attest) Casey got all mad and yelled back “You kiss Dad with that mouth?”

7 thoughts on “I love Casey

  1. Miss Lexi, That Casey is one smart cookie! I miss him and school too. I have had fun checking out your blog etc. Neat stuff… I hope that the boys don't wear you to a frazzle… the summer has just gotten going! I have been thinking about your Ramblings but have not found the right words yet! Ask Casey what miss lynne would say? Try a little rubbing alcohol on the sharpie… good luck. Lynne K

  2. Lynne! I'm a complete idiot and thought we had one more day of school than we did- so I didn't get to give you a little something for the end of the year. Are you going to be doing the summer session? If not, will you email me your address?

  3. Oh my Lexi! I laughed out loud to that one. Hilarious! Casey saying what he said, not the ruining your car. I probably would have said something similar to what you said, but my kids never would have come up with something so clever in reply!

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