Ramblings and Random Events

  • My kids made up a new game- trampoline baseball. It’s freaking hilarious. Again, Mandee, I’ll be forever indebted to you for that gift. It’s saved me. I owe you my life and/or (prolly and)the life of my boys
  • prolly‘ is my new favorite word. I’m the hip.
  • I’m seriously considering addressing all of my blog posts “Dear Mandee” because something about writing her brings out my silly. My silly is kind of like a cat, but instead it’s me giggling to myself. Okay, so it’s nothing like a cat.
  • I miss Mandee (Does it sound like I’m obsessive? Maybe. She’s the brat who up and moved on me.)
  • I dig Easter. I’ve been trying to make it all sorts of meaningful this week, but gave up and spent $20 at the dollar store on a bunch of crap that my kids are going to break in fifteen seconds after they open them. I’m serious. I sat down with Carter (he’s the only one we think we’ll even come close to qualifying for eternal life…okay just kidding. Casey’s prolly (see? it’s a good word) exempt, so it’s really just Peyton who’s going to hell.) to talk to him about the ‘true meaning’ of Easter with pictures and everything then a couple of hours he comments “Easter is my favorite holiday because we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and get presents.” Come Sunday, I’m going to have one disappointed kid.
  • I called Melanie to ask her what she did to make Easter meaningful. Totally got me out of feeling bad for the aforementioned bullet. I say aforementioned, but I didn’t mention a bullet anywhere. I just like the word ‘aforementioned’. I’d say that I think it made me sound smart, but not when that’s the only big word I use and I use it wrong.
  • It’s amazing that getting rid of my van and buying an SUV that cost HALF of what the dang van did makes me about a thrillion times more happy. No dissing the vanners out there, but I’m 26 for crying out loud. What made me think I was ready for such a commitment? I love my new suv. I’ve found I’m listening to music that I like now and not just talk radio all of the time. I’ve regressed ten years with a car purchase. Rock on.
  • Casey has completely dismantled our grill. He took the wheels to it everywhere we went yesterday. Okay, we only went to Mary’s, but it had to come with us.
  • My kids love Mary Felts WAY more than they love me. I don’t blame them. She rocks.
  • I actually miss going to the gym. I’m playing my gym mix right now. You should see me dance with my cast. Superduper sexy.
  • I paid my neighbor to change Peyton’s diaper today. It was that bad and I’m that lazy
  • I think Pam Caudill moonlights as a superhero. Seriously, if she made front page news saving the planet, I would not be surprised.
  • I’m going to ‘off’ one puggle if she eats another diaper. When she first did it we pushed her nose in it and yelled ‘NO!’ but then I remembered back to my youth when we had a dog that liked to eat her own poop and my mom did the same thing and my brother Carson said, “Why do you think pushing her face in something she likes to eat will make her stop?” grrr. Anyone want the aforementioned puggle?
  • I’d post pictures but we (by ‘we’ I mean Lance- mostly because I don’t want to feel bad about it and he doesn’t have that emotion) lost our camera. Dag.
  • I can see why people steal babies. I want one really bad but at this point can’t. Do you think they’d charge me with a crime if I stole one of the octuplets? My sister in law just had a baby and she won’t give it to me. So selfish.
  • My spell checker gave up on me a while ago.
  • I need to get out more.

8 thoughts on “Ramblings and Random Events

  1. Excellent. That is all I have to say because you are such a clever blog writer. You make it seem so easy! I’m fascinated every time… seriously, fascinated! I miss you too. Stupid Washington.

  2. We LOVE Mary Felts too! Her delicious rolls have become a staple in our home! I think I could get on board with you addressing all your posts to me and should you decide not to just knowing you thought about it…mkes me feel all smart and important! About the “silly” that is one of the GREAT things about being your friend…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE silly! And about Peyton…no need to worry about him being lonely in the after life because Jackson will be right there beside him. I LOVE YOU and if you notice I love including the ….. in my responses! I know I use them way too much and not in the correct way, but I don’t care…DO YOU?

  3. Don’t worry, Shelby Mag will be keeping Peyton and Jackson company too. Could you imagine the “hell they’d raise?” Hahaha, that somehow didn’t come out right.

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