Last night as I was getting into bed (you should see me do it with a tall bed and a cast that weighs 67 pounds-so graceful) I thought about how nice it would be to have my leg back. I don’t think I’ve ever been really grateful for my right leg. It’s a funny thing that trials (not that the leg thing is much of a trial, but it does give me something to whine about) that make us so grateful for things we’ve never thought of.

It’s like with Casey. Everything that came natural for a typical developing child is something that Casey has to learn how to do. But when he does- it’s a total thrill. I didn’t realize how great all these little steps were with Carter, and even Peyton. For Casey, there was never a ‘ma ma’ stage after his diagnosis (he started to talk a little before he had his big regression- when he lost all of his speech, his eye contact and his ability to imitate). One day, as we were getting ready for church, from downstairs I hear him yell “MOM!” it brought me to my knees. He’d been in speech therapy for over a year at that point. Every time he hugs me or sneaks in bed to cuddle with me I’m more grateful for it than I would have been if he didn’t have autism. I was even thrilled the first time he lied to me. Everyday there’s something new. It’s like having a visible reminder everyday that Heavenly Father loves me. Casey is a miracle. His progress is a miracle.

I’m grateful for my trials.

I’m also grateful for my friends. I just got on the donation page to find that several of you have donated- a lot! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me. I’ve been so blessed.

4 thoughts on “Grateful.

  1. You’re a good gril, Lexi. That’s why HF sent these “blessings” to you, because He knew you’d see them as such. I love you very much. Sorry again about your leg.

  2. As our nation, and the world, head into ever more trying times, it is encouraging to know that some people (and hopefully some who are not yet members of the Church) will respond to their trials with humility and gratitude. You are a great example. I’ve often heard the experiences of the Mormon pioneers described as a type of refiner’s fire. I think we will each get to experience that in some way or another.

  3. This made me think of what Cole told me the other day in the car. Out of the blue, Cole says, “Cousin Casey doesn’t talk much.” and I said, “no, he doesn’t” Then Coley told me that “Heavenly Father made Casey extra special and so he doesn’t HAVE to talk much because Heavenly Father knows what he is saying without saying it.” Made me cry that a 5 year old could understand something so sweet and deep.

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