give me your dough

so for those of you who follow this blog (that’s two of you…I think…) you know I’m training for a half marathon. This is not for fun. Last year my sister survived her battle with lymphoma, and this race is for her. It’s also to raise money for lymphoma and lukemia societies so that others can win this battle as well- and maybe through research- someday- no one will have to fight it at all.

This picture is from our fundraising page. The first picture on it is of my father, who passed away from cancer almost 14 years ago. The next is my grandmother who died from pancreatic cancer. The third is of Yuko, my oldest sister Melanie’s favorite mission companion and good friend who also lost her battle with cancer. The fourth is of Shelby during her chemo. She’s so beautiful.

It’s tough asking for donations during this rough economic time, but everything helps. Our goal is $3,500. If you have $5 to donate, please do! It doesn’t have to be a lot. If you want to send the message to your friends- even better.

For everyone who donates I’ll give you my wholsale prices on vinyl plus a free sign that says, “Do your very best” if there’s anything I’ve learned from doing this running- and I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination- is that I can do hard things, my very best is a lot better than I gave myself credit for. We really can do so much- we know we are children of God and that he will help us as long as we are doing our very best.

I watched my sister do something much harder- and she did her very best- she is amazing. I’m grateful for her example and so grateful that I can be apart of something like this. Thanks


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