This weeks random events

I love bullets.

  • I ran three miles without stopping. Haven’t done that since I was 13- and back then I weighed a quarter of what I do now
  • Economic stimulus package was signed by the president. I have no idea how that affects me (I’ve never learned the correct use of the words effect and affect)
  • I repainted my bookshelf. Again. Now the shelves won’t fit because of the thick layer paint. That’s why I love mallets. You can make just about anything fit with a mallet.
  • Melanie acts a lot like Jeff when I talk to her on facebook.
  • 3/5 of our house either has or will have the RSV virus this month.
  • Casey talked on the phone for the first time this week- which is HUGE- can you imagine what an abstract concept that is for a child who only knows logic?
  • So I was talking to Lance the other day and I say, “I’m really craving a slurpee” and Carter (who had pinned the dog down in a wrestling match and was just laying there on him) says, “Well Mom, you’ve got to have a dream” ahahahaha. It is my dream.
  • Lance and I went on an actual DATE. We went miniature golfing (it wasn’t raining!) Lance would say he won, but lance would say a lot of things.
  • Casey learned a swear word (dammit) because he stayed up and overheard Lance and I play Dr. Mario. That’s going to be another call from his teacher at school. Lance needs to watch his mouth.
  • Lance is going to be mad at me after he reads this. But no matter how much I push him he never yells at me. I’m going to have to work harder. You’ve got to have a dream…

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