Random Events

  • Just now Peyton glued the dog to the wall with spray adhesive. I’m not kidding. He got a hold of a bottle of it, sprayed the wall and the dog rubbed up against it. He didn’t get really stuck, just a little. Funny sight.
  • The aforementioned story was probably pay back for the dog tearing Peytons nostril. We are, however, still stitch free thus far with the boys (There’s got to be some guardian angels working overtime) because they couldn’t fit a stitch in that area. Two trips to the urgent care later, and Peyton has a large layer of glue on his nose. He’s stoked though, we can’t bathe him for a week.
  • Last night Casey came and sat on my lap- and for all of you who haven’t seen Casey lately, he’s HUGE. He’s a good inch taller than Carter now, and Carter isn’t a small kid either. So Casey get’s on my lap and I say to him, “Casey, I think it’s cute that you still think you’re small” and he turns to me and says “He’s (he refers to himself sometimes in the third person, it’s so cute) not small, he’s medium”.

7 thoughts on “Random Events

  1. Does it bother Carter that Casey is taller? My eldest is really worried that one of her sisters will surpass her in height.Ouch, poor Peyton. Was the dog provoked?

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