Random things

I’d make a separate page for my random thoughts- I have many, but then I’d never post on it either. So here’s some for today:

1. I’d really wonder what it would be like to fly from Dubai to America with pants full of pigeons. Really.
2. I really like finding de-shelled pistachios in my bag of pistachios but won’t buy bags of only de-shelled pistachios.
3. I miss She-Ra.
4. I really like it when people jog in place. Like at stoplights and what not. When I’m in my car and I see a jogger approach a stoplight I get all giddy…and if they stop I’ll roll my window and yell “don’t quit yet!” so they’ll be motivated to jog in place.
5. I also really like it when you see three dudes sitting next to each other on the bench front seat of a truck. It’s way better when there’s four guys, but that really only happens in Phoenix.
6. I like fonts
7. I think all cats are intuitive. That’s why I want one so badly. Also, it might keep my dog away from me. She’s had a good run.
8. I shower quarterly.
9. I wish we had snow again because I don’t want to clean up my backyard.
10. Good mail days are good days, period.

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